Tap # – Alexandria Style: Pale Ale Citra – Mosaic ABV: 4.7% Tap Price: $7 / $9

2 Halfs Cider *new

Tap # – 2 Halfs Cider *new Style: CIDER ABV: 5.7% Tap Price: $8 / %10


Tap # – Stone Style: HAZY PALE ALE ABV: 5.8% Tap Price: $9 / $12 This medium bodied hazy really packs a punch with bright tangerine and stone fruit aroma and flavour from a selected combination of NZ and US Northwestern hops. With a juicy slightly bitter backbone that leaves you craving more.

Baguette Blanche

Tap # – Baguette Blanche Style: WITBIER MANDARINA BAVARIA ABV: 4.8% Tap Price: $7 / $9 Tasting notes to come…


Tap # – Blanc Style: New World Lager Hallertau Blanc ABV: 4.8% Tap Price: $7 / $9 This brew has a very light polyphenol haze in appearance. Hopped with Hallertau Blanc, this hop brings vinous, zesty white wine and gooseberry flavour making a unique brew.


Tap # – Schwartz Style: Franconian-Style Black Lager ABV: 5.1% Tap Price: The Schwartz is our take on a Franconian-style lager. Brewed with German malts and hopped with Tettnang and Spalter Select, our black lager is super clean and crisp with smooth roast characters.

De Kirk

Tap # – De Kirk Style: ABV: Tap Price: tba

Coco Porter

Tap # – Coco Porter Style: PORTER COCONUT – ALMONDS ABV: 5.7% Tap Price: $8 / $10 Experience the smooth and bitter flavours of our Coco Porter. Brown-black hued with a creamy tan head. The infused aroma of toasted coconut and almonds makes this porter a delightfully indulgent dark roasted affair.


Tap # – FIELDS OF DREAM Style: WET HOP IPA CASCADE -CENTENNIAL ABV: 6.6% Tap Price: $9 / $12 tba

De Blonde

Tap #14 – De Blonde Style: BELGIAN BLONDE ALE PERLE – SAAZ ABV: 6.0% Tap Price: $11 Brewed in trappist abbey style, this Belgium ale is medium bodied with a subtle malty sweetness and light phenolic aromas. Mellow notes of yeast with fruity esters shine through.